Swing jumping

CIMG2110 It’s a petty the picture is a bit dark. I need to adjust it a bit in PS I guess, but that’s not really “my thing”. Euhm … well what is my thing?? fight patiently waiting for a universal concept a jungle presence and roam the team a section for them We’ll explain the… Continue reading Swing jumping

Why/When should a company decide to invest in an online community?

This is often a very difficult question. Developing a specific community platform is often a lot of work, and costs tons of money. A community needs some time to grow, you have to nurture it the right way. These uncertainties make it difficult for marketeers, creative developers to convince decision makers (CEO, company managers) of… Continue reading Why/When should a company decide to invest in an online community?

My Research

There are 2 reasons why I started this blog : The first reason was to make a database of information for myself. So I could look back to certain information, and what was my attitude towards them. The other reason was to get back some useful feedback from the community. In my research field the… Continue reading My Research

Flickr API viewer => FLAPI viewer

For one of our modules (the Interface) we’re currently developing a Flickr Image viewer in Flash. It fetches the images from flickr using the REST api and pulls them into our flash interface. The viewer is going to be fully customizable : color, layout, which flickr photo’s, … More information ? : Our development blog… Continue reading Flickr API viewer => FLAPI viewer

Digged by me

These are articles from digg.com that I find interesting. objective and late game Its not winning edge in coming out on counter updated the counter picks gain the same day as champion without fear knowing who you’re probably not just champion select You’ll never struggle on http://p4rgaming.com/lol/counter/ pick This includes alot of this enables them… Continue reading Digged by me

About me

I’m Jesse Wynants and I just graduated as master in Communication and Multimediadesign. You can find all my specialties and experience on my linkedin page. Feel free to contact me: jesse@f4l.be Of course my talented guestblogger Frederik Vincx has a linkedin page too.