Dabble: search and collect videos from all over

Dabble beta just launched after a year of alpha and beta testing. It’s a very handy community site you can use to gather and organise videos from all over the web. Currently they index more then 240 sites, including youtube, google video and the internet archive.

Dabble allows you to make your own playlists or to subscribe to ones of friends.
It can’t wait till some people with excellent taste and lots of time on their hands start making über-cool playlists so I can add those to my rss feeds.
The use of ajax is pretty good with the playlist interaction. A little ajax form at the side of the page lets you add new playlists and easily add videos to it. Very good use of ajax, it would’ve really bothered me if the page had to refresh several times in order to go through these steps.

There’s a section for requests where you can ask others to help you find video you’re looking for. For example, right now someone is looking for 10 seconds footage of and exploding catsup bottle. Anyone? šŸ™‚

Another handy feature is a bookmarklet that enables you to easily add media from other sites to your Dabbler user page. It seems that Dabbler analyses the content of the page and automatically fills out the form for you so you just have to submit the form to add the video to your own collection. Killer feature!

This definitely is a must for online video enthusiasts since so many new video sites keep popping up that it’s getting harder to find out where to go find info or to remember where you saw a clip. This seems like a winner!



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