Google search integration

Holy moley, I have to share this.
I just created a PHP based search engine for a site I’m working on in less then 15 minutes.
Jeroen Wijeringen made a search engine using Google you can easily integrate seamless in your own site. Really, it took less then 15 minutes!

You just have to download two files. One does the soap parsing from the Google server (it’s 130k!) and one the other simple php search page to contains the actual search form and displays the information. Note that Google only allows you to do 1000 searches per day, so this engine should only be used for small scale projects.

In the past I’ve tried at making PHP engines myself that would crawl through all entries in the database and display the results. Off course that took tons of time to create and the script only indexed dynamic information. This kind of seamless Google search integration completely beats those efforts since it indexes all your content. Thank you Google! (And Jeroen, off course. And Dietrich Ayala who created the nusoap library that handles the Google parsing.

If you’re a developer make sure you check out Jeroens other creations. He also made an excellent Flash MP3 player and FLV player.


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