Microsoft Live Local relaunches

Yesterday Microsoft’s variant on google maps relaunched, it looks impressing, especially the bird eye function is really cool. It’s scary how much you can see on the images. I think it’s definatelly as good as google maps, maybe even better. Some examples (double click to zoom deeper): – Las Vegas – New York – Washington… Continue reading Microsoft Live Local relaunches

Fictionary Partey

Ow … theme parties … always fun mental note: don’t drink champagne a bottle when you go out. My head … awtch! ADC Counter Be able to scale into mid lane Picking the correct champions against tank assassins champions etc This can use traditional Champion Counter for them We’ll explain the best champion select You’ll… Continue reading Fictionary Partey


Ok, it’s been a while since I found the time to post here. It’s been pretty busy last week, we had to finish our schoolprojects. I’ll show what has been keeping me busy for the past weeks. Flapi viewer: This was our project for the module “Interface”. We created an external flickr image viewer, so… Continue reading DeadlineD

Colors roundup *Update*

I’m not that good with colors so I listed here a few sites that can be very useful while designing. Color Blender: Sweet blending tool, photoshop import,… My favourite! Colorcell: Community with most popular color schemes Colormatch Redux: Simple colormatch tool Colorlovers: Community with color schemes Color scheme generator 2: Great tool for making your… Continue reading Colors roundup *Update*