Back on track

I made some changes to this blog. I’m going to try to balance my posting a bit better between this blog and i-wisdom. My personal blog will evolve a bit more to light and geeky content. If I think an article is relevant for both blogs, I’ll cross-post it. Writing on 2 blogs feels a bit like having… Continue reading Back on track

Guest Blogger

Well, I’m not a regular blogger. I have periods I post a lot, other weeks almost nothing. During the month July it will probably even less. I’ll be away from 21 to 31 July. So I asked my friend and co-student Frederik, to blog here once in a while. We have roughly the same interests… Continue reading Guest Blogger

My Research

There are 2 reasons why I started this blog : The first reason was to make a database of information for myself. So I could look back to certain information, and what was my attitude towards them. The other reason was to get back some useful feedback from the community. In my research field the… Continue reading My Research