Pff … feed ad

I’m not against advertising in feeds, it’s a good medium if you use it on a relevant way. But this one is really starting to bother me. Too big, almost all A-list blogs have it… not really relevant…. Feeds are for content, not for banners.

The Net-Gen or being “born on the web”

I’m currently reading Wikinomics, which is one of the best books ever on the topic. There is a very nice chapter about the new generations of people who’ve grown up digital. Because my blog is dedicated to the net generation or “born on the web” generation, I’m going to give you an extract from the… Continue reading The Net-Gen or being “born on the web”

Something is about to happen…

at the company I work for, i-merge. What would it be? Emakina thinks we’re all moving to China. Some Minor issues has a nice roundup of the current “stoelendans” Tommunication is pretty curious of what is going to happen. Robin thinks he knows what’s going to happen. Marketing.Interactive thinks it’s a merger. Kris says we pulled an… Continue reading Something is about to happen…

Back on track

I made some changes to this blog. I’m going to try to balance my posting a bit better between this blog and i-wisdom. My personal blog will evolve a bit more to light and geeky content. If I think an article is relevant for both blogs, I’ll cross-post it. Writing on 2 blogs feels a bit like having… Continue reading Back on track


It’s been very quiet over here lately, it’s been some hectic weeks and today I leave for Thailand for a month. So it’s going to be even more quiet. But to give you guys something our travel will be live vlogged on the following page : Subscribe to the feed for some fun movies… Continue reading Thailand


I’ll be gone until the 31st of June, Frits will keep the bar open.

Guest Blogger

Well, I’m not a regular blogger. I have periods I post a lot, other weeks almost nothing. During the month July it will probably even less. I’ll be away from 21 to 31 July. So I asked my friend and co-student Frederik, to blog here once in a while. We have roughly the same interests… Continue reading Guest Blogger