Flapi updated

It’s been a while since we made some changes to flapi viewer (our open-source flickr viewer), but flickr changed their web service a bit, this made it impossible to load your flickr images into flapi viewer. Now it’s all fixed thanks to co-developer and co-blogger over here Frits. http://flapi.f4l.be/ In the meantime there are a… Continue reading Flapi updated


Ok, it’s been a while since I found the time to post here. It’s been pretty busy last week, we had to finish our schoolprojects. I’ll show what has been keeping me busy for the past weeks. Flapi viewer: This was our project for the module “Interface”. We created an external flickr image viewer, so… Continue reading DeadlineD

Flickr API viewer => FLAPI viewer

For one of our modules (the Interface) we’re currently developing a Flickr Image viewer in Flash. It fetches the images from flickr using the REST api and pulls them into our flash interface. The viewer is going to be fully customizable : color, layout, which flickr photo’s, … More information ? : Our development blog… Continue reading Flickr API viewer => FLAPI viewer