Google maps embeddable

Thanks to the native interoperability between google maps and flickr. I can now embed maps with recent geotagged flickr photos on it. Sweet huh! Making mashups has become easy… Photos from Leuven:,4.701944&spn=0.003333,0.014444&om=1&output=embed&s=AARTsJpVdydZMX3HgldifeNFqSrOVkvMSwView Larger Map Photos from Brussels:,4.342354&spn=0.032981,0.081694&output=embed&s=AARTsJrCZhBe_qjw9BJhGz9JqbBcYN5UfAView Larger Map Photos from Gent:,3.724466&spn=0.009995,0.009581&om=1&output=embed&s=AARTsJpQTTpG5VdkhnykSa9yMs3HvfkGQAView Larger Map Or even my personal geotagged photo map:,52.744953&spn=76.781499,95.496476&output=embed&s=AARTsJrJcdnSg6zoOfzz2X16VjnQYNCOrwView… Continue reading Google maps embeddable

Planet Caravan

I was browsing Flickr photos and came across an astonishing photostream. I was amazed by how many fantastic photos this guy had taken all over the world. I was not sure these pictures were all taken by just one person. So I messaged the user, this was what I got back: Thanks Jesse. I did take… Continue reading Planet Caravan