Flash deep linking and browser history

Deep linking and browser history have always been sore spots of Flash sites. There have been workarounds for a while but they were pretty difficult to implement. Being able to link directly to a page, bookmark it and using the browers back and forward buttons are standard functionalities that people are used and expect from… Continue reading Flash deep linking and browser history

A computer network called “internet”

“There’s a revolution going on in rec rooms, offices and classrooms around the world. A revolution in which 15 million people are taking part [..] through a computer network called “internet”. Hihi. A pretty funny tv report from 1993 on the emergent internet. Who could’ve guessed back then that it would get this big?

Hit by a stick

Clo hitted me with a stick. I’m pretty honoured to get hit with a stick by the BBM, which stands for the Belgian Blogging Momma! So momma here you go … 😉 One year ago, 21 years old I was following the module infotainment in my third year C-MD. We had to communicate very difficult… Continue reading Hit by a stick