Fantastic week

This week was a great week. It was extremely busy, I had my thesis presentation on Thursday. I was very happy with the experts that were in the jury. They were a good representation of the web and marketing landscape in Belgium. I don’t think I was nervous, but there was a little pressure to… Continue reading Fantastic week

Upward spiral of syndicated content

This is one thing I talked about in my presentation at Barcamp Brussels, I will put the complete presentation online. But the presentation itself isn’t that clear without my explanation. Smetty recorded my talk so I’ll make the presentation available when I can get hold of the podcast. Every theory I’ll talk about on the… Continue reading Upward spiral of syndicated content

Thesis Structure update

I corrected some embarrasing spelling mistakes and change it a bit. Now on writely : Remarks still welcome …

Thesis Structure

My raw structure, it will still change a lot during the writing but you’ll see where I’m going with my master thesis. It would be great if you could send all relevant information, all feedback, suggestions are always welcome. I promise I’ll buy you a drink !! Now I’m writing and programming like a horney… Continue reading Thesis Structure