Migrate your email to google for domains.

I’m explaining this to a lot of people recently so I guess it was time to make a blogpost about it. I manage a few domains, mostly for myself, but also for a couple of friends. I do this because my hosting packet is pretty extensive, it doesn’t cost me more if I add extra… Continue reading Migrate your email to google for domains.

Thesis: finished

Yipikajee! The written part of my final thesis is finally finished. Just like Jesse I spent the past four years studying Communication & Multimedia Design in Genk, Belgium. I’m heavily interested in rich media user experiences and decided that it was a research subject I wanted to explore further. The thesis examines the role of… Continue reading Thesis: finished

Fantastic week

This week was a great week. It was extremely busy, I had my thesis presentation on Thursday. I was very happy with the experts that were in the jury. They were a good representation of the web and marketing landscape in Belgium. I don’t think I was nervous, but there was a little pressure to… Continue reading Fantastic week

Hit by a stick

Clo hitted me with a stick. I’m pretty honoured to get hit with a stick by the BBM, which stands for the Belgian Blogging Momma! So momma here you go … 😉 One year ago, 21 years old I was following the module infotainment in my third year C-MD. We had to communicate very difficult… Continue reading Hit by a stick

Rock Werchter

If we, Belgians, should be happy with one thing, it’s definatelly our summer music festivals. The line-ups are always very impressing, the atmosphere and the surroundings are so cool. Werchter is just 20 km from home, but Rock Werchter always feels like going on holiday. I’m just checking out this years’ line-up and it’s looking… Continue reading Rock Werchter

Drunk in Africa

In my daily reddit check, I found a great article. The author wrote down the same thing I experienced in november 2004 when I was in South Africa. As often in SA we were in the middle of nowhere, just relaxin’, fishing, watching animals, eating, … We stayed a weekend at a hunting ranch in… Continue reading Drunk in Africa