Flash deep linking and browser history

Deep linking and browser history have always been sore spots of Flash sites. There have been workarounds for a while but they were pretty difficult to implement. Being able to link directly to a page, bookmark it and using the browers back and forward buttons are standard functionalities that people are used and expect from… Continue reading Flash deep linking and browser history

Branded User experiences

Teknision is a branded application company, they are the creators of the site I linked yesterday: “Update Hollywood”. Paolo hinted me to the presentation of his company in a comment: How marketers can use rich internet applications to build their brands? (video + powerpoint) Interesting talk… Hey, had a client send me a link to… Continue reading Branded User experiences

Internet TV

There are some good resources out there… : Fabchannel: They stream really cool concerts… bloc party, arcade fire, roisin murphy, … They even broadcast concerts live ! Tuesday 22.00 the Stereophonics in Amsterdam. Google video has some nice videos, you just need to find them.Try typing in the name of a band or song. You’ll… Continue reading Internet TV

Microsoft Live Local relaunches

Yesterday Microsoft’s variant on google maps relaunched, it looks impressing, especially the bird eye function is really cool. It’s scary how much you can see on the images. I think it’s definatelly as good as google maps, maybe even better. Some examples (double click to zoom deeper): – Las Vegas – New York – Washington… Continue reading Microsoft Live Local relaunches