Web 2.0-ish communities

https://s3.amazonaws.com:443/slideshare/ssplayer.swf?id=6713&doc=web-20ish-communities-29745 Community guidlines – a mish mash of tips and interesting theories. A lot of this theories are directly copied from Tom Coates his presentation at the future of web apps. So credit goes to him. But his slides are simply so true and so valuable I couldn’t have let them out. I hope you… Continue reading Web 2.0-ish communities

“Applying game mechanics to functional software” by AJK

Amy Jo Kim, social architect (I like that term), has given an interesting presentation at Etech. This is probably not that recent, but I only stumbled upon it today. She has interesting slides how we can use game mechanics to encourage interaction in social software. A set of 5 simple rules that can be applied… Continue reading “Applying game mechanics to functional software” by AJK

The good and bad about WikiPedia

I’m a heavy reader of Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Rough Type. I mostly don’t agree with his rather controversial statements, but he does always bring up some interesting points. In his article the death of wikipedia, he attacks wikipedia and its stricter rules about editing articles. Read the article but also read the interesting discussion going… Continue reading The good and bad about WikiPedia