Appfrica Labs |  Fellows

How it Works Fellows will come to Kampala, Uganda for one month (or longer depending on your desire), and work alongside a staff of talented programmers helping to support projects while also offering mentoring and peer-to-peer advice. To participate, you’ll need to be able to at least pay your own way to Uganda. A round… Continue reading Appfrica Labs |  Fellows

Simple Location Based Service idea

I’m an avid public transportation user: train, bus, tube, … The only thing I hate is waiting too long for a train to come, or missing a train because you were seconds late. This could be solved by a simple location based service. (I’m not completely sure, but I think both Mobistar and Proximus are… Continue reading Simple Location Based Service idea

War Dance

Since my internship in South-Africa a few years ago, I’ve fallen in love with the most beautiful continent in the world. I’m glad I’ll be going back for two weeks in March, I’m really looking forward to it. I guess that’s the reasons movies like this, give me the chills. [youtube] Can’t wait to… Continue reading War Dance

Planet Caravan

I was browsing Flickr photos and came across an astonishing photostream. I was amazed by how many fantastic photos this guy had taken all over the world. I was not sure these pictures were all taken by just one person. So I messaged the user, this was what I got back: Thanks Jesse. I did take… Continue reading Planet Caravan

Telenet hotspots

Dear mister Telenet, I really like that you’ve put hotspots all over the Belgium. Especially in the train stations this is really useful, but I was wondering: Shouldn’t it be nice to have access when you’re in the train on the rails? So if the train stops in a railway station you just have the time… Continue reading Telenet hotspots

Drunk in Africa

In my daily reddit check, I found a great article. The author wrote down the same thing I experienced in november 2004 when I was in South Africa. As often in SA we were in the middle of nowhere, just relaxin’, fishing, watching animals, eating, … We stayed a weekend at a hunting ranch in… Continue reading Drunk in Africa