Linking your own subdomain with Amazon S3

After I learned how to use PHP to move files to S3. I was looking for a way to do this in a transparant way, so you’ll still be able to use your own domain name when storing your files on S3. Twitter uses S3 for storing its user avatars, try loading the timeline and… Continue reading Linking your own subdomain with Amazon S3

Migrate your email to google for domains.

I’m explaining this to a lot of people recently so I guess it was time to make a blogpost about it. I manage a few domains, mostly for myself, but also for a couple of friends. I do this because my hosting packet is pretty extensive, it doesn’t cost me more if I add extra… Continue reading Migrate your email to google for domains.

Web Upload

The times of crappy-mostly-failing web uploads seem to be completely gone. I’ve made some screens of the best examples I use: 1. Vimeo, great how you can add metadata to the video while uploading. 2. Flickr, Jay!, multiple file upload. Incredible valuable for a photo sharing site. 3. Facebook, the max file size on facebook… Continue reading Web Upload

Zooomr its problems

Scoble has a very nice blogpost on Zooomr its recent problems, I don’t know if you followed the story. But after releasing its next big update to the site it went down for 2 weeks. Be sure to read to the end and see the embedded youtube… inspiring.  


Well this is a nice site to kill some time … movies and shows everywhere. I wonder how long it will last. A sentence on the homepage really made me smile: VideoHybrid is currently working on a corporate advertising system such that content owners will be able to benefit from the site. Good luck and… Continue reading Videohybrid

Telenet hotspots

Dear mister Telenet, I really like that you’ve put hotspots all over the Belgium. Especially in the train stations this is really useful, but I was wondering: Shouldn’t it be nice to have access when you’re in the train on the rails? So if the train stops in a railway station you just have the time… Continue reading Telenet hotspots