The future of Web Apps summit

Next week, this time we’ll be at the summit, so it’s time to my plans for next wednesday down. A lot of info can be found on the wiki, but maybe it’s nice if we can sit together in the train towards London. Werner told me it’s not really necessary to sit down on the place reserved for you. Anyway here is my schedule.

  • 05:16 : I take the train in Diest to “Brussel-Zuid” (arrival : 06:32, it’s going to be close for the check in)
  • 07:02 : train leaves, my place is in wagon 16, everyone is welcome to join me there. I’ll probably be reading this book. It’s yellow so you’ll notice 😉
  • 08:26 : We can race together trough the London tube to make it on time.
  • 12:45 : Lunch
  • 18:30 : Me and Werner, going to go to the Apple store and probably afterwards, check in our hotel (Quality Crown Paddington). And go walk around London, drink some beers 😉 Maybe meet up with other attendees of the summit.
  • 12:10 (9 Feb) : I’ll leave back for Belgium the day after (9 Feb) around noon, train leaves at 12.40. Werner leaves early in the morning.

Owkey, this is my schedule… Do you have other plans, other ideas, just comment. I don’t mind changing my schedule.


… if you want my cellphone number, please mail me.


  1. Mercikes,Dat is inderdaad een toffe ‘mashup’. Ik zal verslag uitbrengen over de summit volgende week.

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