You think you know the WEB 2.0

Well, here it is … I made a small quiz about the web 2.0!

Simple… 10 questions, 10 seconds for each question.

Web 2.0 quiz

So how much was your score?



  1. Jesse, thanks for putting that together, it was fun. I got 10/10 on my first try. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing – might need to go offline a little more in 2006.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ken. Well I was even geek enough to make a quiz about it so don’t you worry. But I don’t consider myself as a geek, if you know that I’m still having a hangover from New Years Eve … Darn what a party. Anyway hope you liked it !

  3. You’ve got some good questions in there—I’m suprised I managed an 8. Oh the stress of a countdown timer!

  4. for the length of some of the questions the 10 second timer just isn’t enough. you can barely read the whole thing before it flips to the next one…ah well, luckily i disabled javascript 😉

  5. Well I was sure some of you smart guys would figure out disabling javascript. But the 10 seconds timer is there to make it a bit more exciting. So you don’t get the chance to look up the answers.In the next version I’ll make it 15 seconds :pThanks for the comment

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